American Trails Photo Contest 2003

American Trails sponsors an annual photo contest for photographs of National Recreation Trails. Contest details for 2003 are at the American Trails 2003 Photo Contest page. These are the photos I sent for 2003. The idiosyncratic selection of trails was driven by the rules -- only designated National Recreation Trails are eligible.

The winning photos are at the top, followed by other photos from the Great Allegheny Passage, the Ghost Town Trail, the Ernst Trail, and the Stavich Trail.

Winning Photos

Biking Trails


Golden Autumn

Ghost Town Trail


Design and Engineering


Trail Bridge at Ohiopyle

Youghiogheny River Trail South segment of Great Allegheny Passage

Historic Features


Industry is in Our Nature

Bessemer converter at Station Square, looking across Monongahela River to downtown Pittsburgh. Southside Trail, on Three Rivers Trail segment of Great Allegheny Passage

Special Facilities


Covered Bridge

Ernst Trail

Other Submitted Photos on the Great Allegheny Passage

Montour Trail
(a National Recreational Trail)




Quicksilver Bridge

The volunteer-installed Quicksilver bridge northwest of McDonald, Pa


Enlow Tunnel Abstract

Enlow Tunnel, west of Cliff Mine trailhead.

Yough River Trail South
(a National Recreational Trail)


April Showers Bring ...



Between Ohiopyle and Connellsville on the Yough River Trail South


Bi-Cycle of the Seasons


Late Fall on the Yough Trail

The pipeline crossing north of Stewarton  is a favorite overlook and rest stop




The pipeline crossing north of Stewarton  is a favorite overlook and rest stop

Three Rivers Heritage Trail


Downtown Pittsburgh

Viewed from the Eliza Furnace Trail section of the Three Rivers Heritage Trails..



The Shore in the City

This very popular public fountain cascades down to the edge of the trail, which is right beside the river. This is part of Pittsburgh’s very successful redevelopment of the riverfronts as public recreational space. To the enormous credit of the Powers that Be, playing in the fountain is not forbidden.

Yough River Trail North


Red Trillium

South of Boston PA


Trail Family on Groundhog Day

Groundhog day hike/ski/bike trip at the Connellsville trailhead

Allegheny Highlands Trail in PA


Riding the Pinkerton High Bridge

Pinkerton High Bridge, at the south end of Pinkerton Tunnel..


New Years' Day Picnic

Picnic stop at the end of Pinkerton High Bridge, New Years' Day 2000.


Salisbury Viaduct
Garret wind farm from the road below the Salisbury viaduct

Photos on the Ghost Town Trail







Eliza Iron Furnace

Eliza Furnace, on the trail at the Cambria-Indiana County line just west of Vintondale, PA.



 Milkweed patch beside the trail, next to Eliza Furnace, on the trail at the Cambria-Indiana County line just west of Vintondale, PA.

Ernst Trail






 Creek View

The Ernst Trail follows French Creek near Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Stavich Trail




Beaver Pond

Beaver Pond along Stavich Trail east of Lowellville, OH


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