DinoMite Days in Pittsburgh:
Dippy's Cousins Come to Town

Summer 2003

The Carnegie's first dinosaur was Diplodocus carnegii. Its replica, Dippy, stands outside the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and serves as the signature icon of the museum..

Another public dinosaur, T. rex, greets visitors to Pittsburgh at the airport, at the airside end of the train.


This summer, Dippy's cousins are coming to town.

Chicago had cows, now Pittsburgh has dinosaurs. The Carnegie Museums and the City of Pittsburgh are hosting DinoMiteDays, a summer-long city-wide art-in-the-streets event. For us, it's 100 fiberglass dinosaurs. Artists from across the country competed for the chance to decorate them, regional companies have sponsored them, and they're on display in public places around the region. In October they'll be auctioned off to benefit the Carnegie Museum's world-class dinosaur exhibit.  On display:

Dinosaur hunting provides a great excuse for rambling bike rides.

Each photo is linked to more information about the artist and the location of the dino.



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