The Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen's Annual New Years' Day Ride
Icycle Bicycle 2005

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The Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen celebrate New Year's Day with a ride around Pittsburgh. Jan 1 2005 gave us some sunshine and temperatures in the 50's, so quite a few people turned out.  My theory is that the number of people who turn out is about ten less than the temperature.

We meet at the east end of the Strip. The route was through the Strip, across the 16th St bridge, down the trail along the river to Heinz Field, up to the nearby McDonalds, out to West Pen Penn and back, across the Ft Duquesne bike ramp and the Ft Pitt Bridge sidewalk, Station Square to the Hayes end on the Southside trail, Carson St through the Southside, Smithfield Bridge and St to Smallman, back to start.  It came out within a small fraction of a mile of leader Marc Yergin's promised 25 miles.

The group picture, with the whole group, or at least most of it.

Our leader explains the route

Coffee stop at McDonald's, courtesy of the club (thanks!)

The Parade Passes By

Coming down the North Shore past the stadiums, Roy and I scooted ahead to get pictures. Here's the trip passing by. Pretty much everyone should be in here, except for Roy and me.


All the Images

I took lots of pictures on the ride, and there were lots of people along.  Here's an album of the full set of pictures. I took a lot of them on the move, either over Roy's shoulder or back past my ear using the rear-view mirror to (attempt to) read the LCD.  You'll see Roy's shoulder or my ear in some of the pictures; it's not hard to crop these out of the image.

Each index page has thumbnails (40-45KB each) , and each thumbnail links to a larger image (60-80KB; right-click on the image to download). If you want even bigger (full 4MP resolution, file size about 2.5MB) versions of any of these, send email to wpw [at] with the file name (usually IMGPxxxx) under the larger image.

Index Page 1: Start through Strip, across 16th St Bridge to Heinz Plant
Index Page 2: Heinz Plant along river on North Shore Trail
Index Page 3: North Shore Trail to McDonalds
Index Page 4: McDonalds to Southside (3rd-9th St trail gap)
Index Page 5: Southside Trail, plus the group pictures

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