Cycling Ireland
County Clare and Connemara

May/June 2000

Castles, abbeys, burials, and other antiquities


Quin Abbey




Paleolithic tomb

   Ruins near University of Limerick



Dysert O'Dea



near Ennis


from Dysert O'Dea


Typical farm dog


Peat Bogs


On the bog road


Checking out the peat



Stacking peat


Digging peat


Peat cut

Aran Islands



Ferrying to the ferry -- at very low tide,
the ferry can't make it to the dock


Ferrying the bikes


Bikes on board




Moving cows


Pony cart


Curragh on Inishmore


Fields on Inishmore







Cliffs of Moher






Holy well





Roundstone harbor


Loch Inagh


Inagh Lodge


River Shannon


River Shannon

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