Views at the Frick Park Crossing of Commercial St


These panoramic views are taken from the places where people will naturally cross Commercial St in lower Frick Park.

You can "drive around" in the panoramas by pointing into the image, holding down the left mouse button, and moving the mouse. Zoom with the "+" and "-" buttons on the image. If the moving images make you seasick, click once on each image to stop it (you can start it again with the arrowhead button).

View from the end of Fire Lane Trail. This is where the bike trail comes out of the park,
on the bend across from the Irish Center a little uphill from the creek.

View from the west side of the road, across Commercial St from the parking area at the end of the boardwalk.
This would be the natural place to cross Commercial St.  The boardwalk comes out between the logs
 in the small gravel area, a little to the right of the shadow of the light pole

View from the end of the boardwalk along Nine Mile Run, where the pedestrian
route comes out of the park next to the creek. For some reason, this panorama won't display. We're working on the problem

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