Our Pittsburgh Round-the-City Ride
with interactive 3D VR panoramas

One of our favorite quick bike trips takes us from our home in Oakland counterclockwise around downtown Pittsburgh with almost no traffic and the bare minimum of hills. About half the route is on the Pittsburgh trails, and most of the rest is on low-traffic residential streets. Nearly all of the part that isn't paved has a parallel road nearby, so even skinny tires can enjoy this.

These pages show off some of the city views along the trail with interactive 3D panoramas. You'll need a Java-enabled browser to enjoy them.

  Polish Hill Upper Allegheny Lower Allegheny Mt Washington   Mon River   Map and Directions   City Ride Overview  

The centerpiece, of course, is the view from beside the fountain at the Point in Point State Park.



To operate the panoramas, click on the picture and drag the mouse to move left and right, up and down. Zoom with the buttons in the corner. If you just want it to stop moving before you get dizzy, click once on the picture. It will stop by itself in a couple of minutes.

See Pittsburgh from the top of Mt Washington, in 1919 and now.

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