White Rim Trail
Canyonlands National Park, Utah

April 2001


Biking on the White Rim Trail

The White Rim Trail is a 4WD road that winds along the top of a white sandstone formation that forms a wide bench about halfway down from the visitor center to the Colorado and Green Rivers. Frank, Laurie, Anne, Paul, Roy and I spent 5 days on the trail. Roy and I went out a few days early to visit antiquities of various sorts and Arches National Park.

This is an absolutely awesome trip -- almost no one else is out there, you can see forever, and the forces of nature show off their stuff. Not only were the rocks there, but we caught the trail at just the right time to see the flowers in bloom.

We flew into Salt Lake City. On the way out of town, we stopped at the Kennecott Copper Mine in Bingham Canyon west of the city. This is the largest man-made excavation in the world -- three quarters of a mile deep, two and a half miles across, covering 1900 acres.

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The Trip

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Antiquities pix

  Roy and I went out a few days early to see ruins and dinosaur remnants. See the pictures.
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Arches pix
  We all spent some time in Arches National Park. See the pictures, including (no surprise) lots of arches..
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Monday pix
  Monday April 23: The trip starts with a 1000' descent to the trail proper. See the pictures, including the Shafer switchbacks and the view from Gooseneck Overlook.
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Tuesday pix
  Tuesday April 24: An easy day of riding on the White Rim, mostly level and not too long. See the pictures, lots of spectacular rocks and flowers.
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Wednesday pix
  Wednesday April 25: The long day, with the Murphy climb. See the pictures, including more rocks and flowers
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Thursday pix
  Thursday April 26: Not a lot of distance, but the climb over Hardscrabble. See the pictures, including still more rocks and the tree..
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Friday pix
  Friday April 27: A short day to finish off, with lots of time for pictures. See the pictures, including the last climb back to the top.

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