The Third Yockatomactrek
2001, A Trail Odyssey

Monday, June 11
Crossings of the Civil War: Whites Ferry to Shepherdstown

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Monday starts the way Sunday ended, with traffic and a ferry ride. It's downhill today, though. The day features continued rough trail to Point of Rocks, but again we are happy that the trail has largely dried out. Monocacy Aqueduct is a highlight. Occasional historical markers tell the story of Civil War events along the trail.



Leaving Days Inn in Leesburg: Ed, Don, Mary, Tom, Roy, Anna, Linda, Steve, Dave, Duane, Bob, Jeanette, Niki, Susan, JoAnn, Fran, Katherine, Don, Rick, Ned, Steve, Denny


We'll spare you our thoughts while riding on VA15 down to Whites Ferry


Returning to the towpath on White's Ferry: Steve, Don, and Steve


Bob paying 


Jeanette and Bob stretching, Gerry looking on, Carol rummaging


Roy looking pleased. Maybe it's because a tandem bike pays the same fare as a single.


Don, Katherine, Jim, Denny, Roy, Jim


Bob, Jeanette, Steve

Crossing an aqueduct: Katherine, Jim, Denny, Don, Roy, Jim, Jeanette

Lunch at Brunswick: Roy, Carole, Katherine, Susan, Don, JoAnn, Gerry, Jim

The towpath is studded with interpretive signs that mark actions of the Civil War. They all read like this.
Make your own history!! Fill in the blanks as shown!!.

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Photos by Mary Shaw, except as indicated. Copyright (c) 2001.

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