The Third Yockatomactrek
2001, A Trail Odyssey

Friday, June 15
Crossing the gap: Cumberland to Frostburg by steam train, Frostburg to Meyersdale by shuttle, Meyersdale to Rockwood on the Allegheny Highlands trail of the Great Allegheny Passage

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This is the day of transition between the C&O Canal Towpath and the Great Allegheny Passage. We begin at the Western Maryland Station in Cumberland, which is the terminus of the C&O Canal and the zero milepost for the Great Allegheny Passage. Since the latter trail will run alongside the Western Maryland Scenic RR, we take the steam train to Frosburg. At that point we catch a shuttle around the unfinished part of the trail, resuming in Meyersdale.

My camera broke in Cumberland. The pictures from Cumberland to Frostburg are from Larry Brock. The pictures in Pennsylvania are mine, from a scouting trip for the ATA trail interpretation committee last April.


We load the bikes on the train ...


... and secure them. Looks like two dozen is about the limit


Number Nine Switch, where the railroad and the trail will part company


 Unloading in Frostburg


Still unloading


The steam engine

Loading the trailer for the shuttle


Shirley Hollow embankment, looking east at the Continental Divide as Jim explains how the Atlantic drainage is winning over the Mississipi drainage...


... and west, at a potential trailhead location and picnic area

360-degree panorama on Salisbury Viaduct. Scroll right to see all of the image above.
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Photos on this page by Larry Brock. Copyright (c) 2001.

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