The Third Yockatomactrek
2001, A Trail Odyssey

June 2001

NEW! Interactive panoramas!!

  This year's Yockatomactrek was organized by Duane Wolley, who did all the legwork to find and secure accommodations and who volunteered to drive his Big Truck as the support vehicle. Thanks, Duane!

The trip is sponsored annually by the Allegheny Trail Alliance to increase awareness that the connection between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC via the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal Towpath is a great trip now, despite the gap between Cumberland and Meyersdale.

This year we left Washington DC on Sunday, June 10 and arrived in McKeesport PA on Sunday June 17. Most of use stayed overnight in B&Bs and motels within (fairly) easy riding distance of the trail, and a few others camped most nights. We rode an average of 40 miles a day, with a longest day of just over 50 miles. Yes, you can organize trips with longer days, but you have less time to stop and enjoy the sights along the trail.

Photos by Mary Shaw, except as indicated. Copyright (c) 2001.

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The Trip

Follow the links for the pictures -- there are too many to put on a single page. If you want to go straight for the good stuff, here are the 3D VR panoramas.


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Saturday pix

  Saturday June 9: Pittsburgh to Washington DC by train. Overnight at The Latham, half a block from the towpath in Washington DC. See the pictures, including quite a few views of the trail from the train
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Sunday pix
  Sunday June 10: The Start of the Towpath: Washington DC to Whites Ferry. 43 miles of riding. Overnight at Days Inn in Leesburg VA. See the pictures, including panoramas of Widewater and Great Falls, people on bikes, critters, and the ferry.
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Monday pix
  Monday June 11: Crossings of the Civil War: Whites Ferry to Shepherdstown. 44 miles of riding. Overnight at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown WV. See the pictures, including the ferry, more riding, and an aqueduct.
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Tuesday pix
  Tuesday June 12: More Crossings of the Civil War: Shepherdstown to Hancock. 53 miles of riding, including the Dam 4 detour and an option of the last 10 miles on the paved Western Maryland Rail Trail. Overnight at the Econolodge in Hancock. See the pictures, including action at the dams.
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Wednesday pix
  Wednesday June 13: Bends of the Potomac: Hancock to Paw Paw. 34 miles of riding. Overnight at Riverside Inn and Paw Paw Patch B&B in Paw Paw. See the pictures, including the new Bill's at Little Orleans, a bunch of critters, and, of course, the Paw Paw Tunnel.
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Thursday pix
  Thursday June 14: Home stretch on the C&O: Paw Paw to Cumberland. 30 miles of riding. Overnight at Inn at Walnut Bottom. See the pictures, including a new trail kiosk, the Oldtown pond mower, and finish-line pix.
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Friday pix
  Friday June 15: Crossing the gap: Cumberland to Frostburg by steam train, Frostburg to Meyersdale by shuttle, Meyersdale to Rockwood on the Allegheny Highlands trail of the Great Allegheny Passage. 23 miles of riding for those of us who took the road from the state line to Meyersdale. Unfortunately, my camera died the night of June 14. It's going to the camera hospital, and this is the end of my pictures. Larry Brock sent a few pictures of this day, though, and I added a couple I took on a recent scouting trip for the ATA interpretive committee.
      Saturday June 16: Heart of the Great Allegheny Passage: Rockwood to Linden Hall via Dawson. 53 miles of riding, virtually all on gentle downgrade and good packed stone surface. Option of additional 3 miles, including a mile of steep gravel.
      Sunday June 17: Homecoming for Father's Day: Linden Hall to McKeesport. 43 miles of riding, and a party at the end.

Other web sites with photos from this trip by Steve Wershbale, with more to come.

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