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 Trail Volunteer Fund, aka "They Working"

Pix sent to photo contests, currently American Trails 2008, Western PA Conservancy 2009, and American Trails 2009 just added

Link to the Yockatomac web site for DC-PIT planning

We now have a SPOT personal locator. When we're traveling, you can track our recent progress as we go.

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Traffic-free trails in Western Pennsylvania

  • Planning guide for traffic-free trips between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC
  • Guidebook: FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania
  • Our slide show on the bike trip from Pittsburgh to Washington DC
  • The web site of the Allegheny Trail Alliance
  • Examples of trail construction

    Our Trail Volunteer Fund, also known as "They Working", that supports trail development

    Biking Trip Reports

    New Year's Day 2005 Icycle Bicycle Ride with Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen

    Yockatomactreks:: Trips between Washington DC to Pittsburgh PA via the C&O Canal Towpath and the rail-trails of the Great Allegheny Passage

    • Our web site for planning this trip,, with the online version of Linking Up
    • The June 2001 Yockatomactrek: 2001, a Trail Odyssey.
    • A slide show on this trip that we give for ATA from time to time
    • Trip report on our 1997 trip, the direct ancestor of the ATA Yockatomactreks.

    White Rim Trail in Utah, April 2001 -- a fantastic backcountry tour

    Some pictures from our June 2000 week cycling in western Ireland

      End of trip at Boston PA



    Photo Contests


    Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania

    Northward on Yough from high trestle at Ohiopyle  


    Canoeing Reunion July 2001

    Information to help plan your canoe trip

  • Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania
  • Water levels from the USGS real-time hydro site


    Roy and I write or edit four guidebooks

  • FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania, a guide to traffic-free trails in western Pennsylvania
  • Linking Up, a planning guide for the trip between Pittsburgh and Washington DC
  • Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania, the definitive guide to flatwater and whitewater in the Allegheny and Monongahela watersheds
  • An interpretive guide, 101 Uses for an NPS Trash-Free Park Litter Bag
  • Buy these from at Roy's bookstore

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    I'm also a computer scientist and software engineer


    Contact Information

    Electronic mail: mary [at] shaw [dot] org
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    Snail mail: Shaw-Weil Associates, PO Box 81635, Pittsburgh PA 15217

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